The One Stop Website For The Deaf & The Hearing Impaired!

This website has been specifically put in place to offer the deaf, hearing impaired people, and their families to have unlimited access to the vital resources they are in need of. This includes links to multimedia files on learning sign language and finger spelling tools. Both of which can allow them to conveniently communicate with others.

Even better, this website will be regularly updated to offer up-the-minute news and events that affect this particular set of our community. Some of the most notable of which will be regular updates on the developments in equal access issues in telecommunications and the media at large.

Additionally, deaf and hearing impaired students will have access to information on where they can undertake their studies in a stress-free manner. Not forgetting news on the financial assistance such as scholarships they can obtain in the process.

What Are The Hurdles Deaf People Have To Overcome?

whatAll us at a psychological level are social beings. It can be extremely hard to discover you cannot communicate effectively with those around you. The deaf over time tend to develop certain psychological barriers when it comes to deal with events that occur daily right in front of them, but which they cannot participate in. Even worse, these individuals find it hard to express their opinions or point of views in issues that affect their lives.

Deaf children are also hard hit in terms of assimilating mundane communication skills when compared to ordinary children. At the same time, most of us treat these unfortunate people as handicapped, that is, people who deserve our pity. All in all, the deaf and hearing impaired, on a daily basis, have to encounter a lot of prejudice, which is rife in the hearing world.

What Are The Main Objectives Of This Website?

sign-language-iconLike it was earlier noted, this website has purposely been set up to provide the deaf with the necessary resources they need to progress in life. Taking into account the psychological barriers that can frequently develop, this website can be regarded as a ray of illuminating light in their lives.

Here they will be able to access links to invaluable digital materials to assist them in communicating more efficiently. Not only with their family and friends, but their teachers and healthcare providers as well. Here they will be able to keep abreast with all the important news and events that matter the most in their lives.

The deaf and hearing impaired can be able to keep updated on all the latest developments in the various technological innovations that can restore their hearing. Here is where they can be able to sign up for a regular newsletter and blog on the matters that concern them in their lives.

Finally, it is in this website that the deaf and hearing impaired will be able to obtain links to the best websites that offer online relay support services. This will naturally go a long way in enabling these individuals to be in an excellent position of effectively communicate more freely to those who matter the most in their lives. Essentially, this is a one-stop website for all matters pertaining to the deaf and hearing impaired.