Portable Sauna Safety In The Deaf Gym

The deaf community have decided to create a deaf awareness gym that you may have read about in a previous article.

That means the gym is equipped with the appropriate supplies needed for a deaf person to use. We have tried to make it as safe as possible for them because it can be difficult to do many everyday tasks if you are deaf.

We have some portable saunas that our deaf community use. They are very popular so they are constantly being booked and used. They are enjoyed as well at home by people who have purchased a portable infrared sauna like these ones.

Although they are great there are a few problems to having deaf person using one. I knew somebody who went to a gym and wanted to try one of their popular portable saunas.

They were deaf but didn’t think there would be any problems to using it. Unfortunately they pulled the zipper up and it got stuck so when they went to get out they could not undo the zipper!

So they tried to yell but couldn’t get anyone’s attention because, you guessed it, the staff are deaf! So they waved their arms around until they can be helped. Eventually they got help and was realeased.

Nobody got hurt.

This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use a portable sauna, it just means if you decide to you should take a few extra safety precautions.

One thing is is make sure you are using the portable infrared sauna correctly. Double check the instructions and maybe speak to somebody who has used one before to get advice.

You can also ask somebody there to keep an extra eye on you just in case it does happen to you. Or something that I have seen been done before is you can install a lightweight button to press in case of an emergency happens.

As you can see there are many precautions you can take to make sure that you can safely use a portable sauna. It isn’t really that hard to stay safe in one because they are usually built to be very safe.

Now you know what to do in this case and you can safely use a portable sauna whenever you want because you know how to be safe using one, and so does our deaf community!