Deaf Or Hard of Hearing? These Schools Are For You!

Being deaf or being hard of hearing doesn’t exclude you from getting a top notch education. In the United States there are a multitude of schools and universities that offer programs just for you!

These schools all operate with the purpose of aiding hearing impaired students so they can become better educated, encouraged to engage in further studies, become more self confident and directed as well as lifelong learners. Continue reading

The One Stop Website For The Deaf & The Hearing Impaired!

This website has been specifically put in place to offer the deaf, hearing impaired people, and their families to have unlimited access to the vital resources they are in need of. This includes links to multimedia files on learning sign language and finger spelling tools. Both of which can allow them to conveniently communicate with others.

Even better, this website will be regularly updated to offer up-the-minute news and events that affect this particular set of our community. Some of the most notable of which will be regular updates on the developments in equal access issues in telecommunications and the media at large. Continue reading