Some Interesting and Inspiring Up-Coming Events for Deaf Communities

  1. If you are looking for some gaming action, then here is your best bet – Swoboda Deaf Center is organizing a Deaf Seniors Game Day on 12th September. Though it is titled as “seniors” there is no age restriction to participate. Swoboda is a very well known Chicago based organization, that organizes such great events regularly.
    Place- 7050 W Belmont Avenue, Chicago, Illinois 60634
    Admission fees: $2 entry and $3 for games
  2. Interpreters play a big role in the deaf community and Deaf INC has organized an interesting chat session of such interpreters. You can visit this chat and can also participate with helpful suggestions or questions.
    The whole chat will be based on the role of interpreters as professionals. This event named “Interpreters Coffee Chat” will surely bring some insight into the world of deaf communities and will help many to communicate better. This event will be taking place on 25th August from 5-6 P.M and entry is absolutely free.
    Place: 25 E Frisco Ave, St Louis 63119
  3. An inspiring event will be hosted by the Pink Wings of Hope- Made with Love Craft Day. This is an event where crafts will be made and presented to deaf people and to the people who are having hearing problems due to cancer.
    In this event, you will be able to find some interesting things that are made with lots of love for the people who are fighting a battle with a hearing deficiency. The event is taking place on August 27th from 9 A.M to 4 P.M.
    Place- 25 E Frisco Ave, St Louis 63119
  4. Here is a very entertaining event for you, if you are a sports lover. Witness deaf footballers playing against each other in a football match organized by the Indiana School of The Deaf. The football match will showcase that the deaf community is not behind in any aspect of life. The match shall take place on 9th September at 7 P.M
    Place- 1200 East 42nd Street, Indianapolis, Indiana 46205
  5. A Deaf Night Out planned by “Western Minnesota Steam Threser’s”. The event will start from 10 A.M on September 3rd. The event promises a lot of fun and drama.
    Place- Western Minnesota Steam Threser’s In Rollag. MN
  6. Love Halloween? Then, here is the event for you. This event taking place on 1st October promises a rejuvenating experience with lots of rides and fun activities. The Park hours are from 11 A.M to Midnight- have a visit there with your family and friends to experience some awesome fun.
    Place- Sandusky, Ohio
  7. Tarrant County College is organizing their 14th Deaf Celebration on 24 September, 2016. It is also special this time, because there has been a long ten year gap from the last one.
    This is an event that promises to help bring the deaf and hearing community together. It will have 50 exciting exhibitions on subjects like arts, hobbies and crafts. Their night program will engage some inspiring deaf entertainers with a high dose of enjoyment.
    Place: Tarrant College, Texas

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