Our MiDeaf Gym For The Community

So I have decided to open up a gym for deaf people. I decided to do this because I feel even the deaf community should have access to these amenities. I understand how hard it is for them to do things so I will make this super user friendly for them to make them feel welcome and safe.

In my gym I will hire several people who will be able to communicate using multiple forms of sign language. I will also include the regular gym equipment you would find at a local gym such as, a treadmill, stationary bikes, a weight room, elliptical, and many other products that you find at any regular gym.

Portable saunas for relaxing

I will include a sauna that is safe and made with features that will help deaf people. I will add an emergency button to press for safety reasons.

If you have fallen and cannot get up you will just have to press this button and we will send staff to come and help you. I will also include first aid kits around the gym just in case of an accident.

Other than that it will be a regular sauna that has proper functions to make sure you can enjoy it and also be safe and comfortable.

When Miss Deaf Mi received her prizes, a portable sauna was one of them!

Why should there be a deaf community gym

Many people wonder why deaf people can’t attend a regular gym; well there are many reasons that they may not be comfortable. First of all at a regular gym they usually will not have people trained in sign language. That is a huge factor because if they want to know where something is they would not be able to ask because nobody will understand them.

Also some of the equipment needs to be altered and made safer. If you get injured you can’t yell for help so we added an emergency button with flashing lights to as many things as possible to help out and make things easier.

Also it will make them feel more comfortable because they know that they are safe and they are not the only one.

Other safety precautions we have taken

I have added many safety features in this gym to be sure no accidents happen. Some as those safety features are (as I have said many times) emergency buttons. These will be added throughout the gym and in convenient places people may need them in.

We will also have signs explaining what each machine is and how to use it etc. It is also important to have instructors that can do sign language to assure that they are doing things correctly.

We will also provide yoga instructors or cardio trainers with the ability to communicate with them in sign language.


It is very important to have things built for the deaf community. I believe everybody should have the luxury to be able to do these things and that is why I have come up with all the ways we could make a gym for the deaf.

There everything you may need will be available to make a safe environment so everyone can be happy.