Miss Deaf Prizes: Cash And A Portable Infrared Sauna

In Prague, in 2015, I was proud to be part of the Miss and Mister Deaf World pageant. We always did the Miss Deaf Michigan thing here, and our winner competed for the title in the country too.

With prizes such as portable infrared saunas, it’s no surprise the girls want to compete!

After winning, she went to the finals and did quite well. While she didn’t win Miss Deaf USA, she still did a great job representing herself and the deaf women from this area.

What do you suppose she won? Let me tell you!

First was a cash prize of $1000. This can be used for anything the winner desires.

The second prize on the list is the portable infrared sauna I mentioned. While affordable, it just isn’t an item we’d think about here in the USA. That’s why she was so glad it was included in her prize list. We also have some of these portable saunas in our gym!

After using the portable infrared sauna that we have here, she was thrilled to actually get one for her own personal use at home.

Finally, the rest of the prizes which were things like essential oils, make up, some gift certificates etc to local businesses.

Not bad at all!

Of course, I think the cash and the portable sauna are the two best prizes, but we can’t discount the generousity shown by our local businesses!