Deaf Awareness – World Federation Of The Deaf

Deafness is not unique to race, color or sex and affects babies, children and adults alike. The World Federation Of The Deaf (WFD) first introduced deaf awareness day in 1958.

The WFD is an international organization for deaf people and is recognized by the United Nations. The WFD is composed of 130 associations of the deaf and represent 70 million deaf people worldwide.

The day of the deaf was soon extended to a full week and became known as the International Week of the Deaf. Their main goal is to promote the human rights of all Deaf people.

The week of deaf is celebrated the last week of September in the United States along with many other countries. There are however some countries that choose a different time to observe it.

This awareness week encourages individuals to meet for both celebration and educational events. And to increase public awareness of the people, culture and issues facing the deaf community.

During Deaf Awareness Week the idea is to celebrate the heritage and culture of deaf people around the world. Also to bring awareness to the unique language used by the deaf.

The WFD also promotes human rights for the deaf in developing countries. As well as access to services, information and education for the deaf world wide.

They recognize and celebrate the achievements of individuals, educate about the degrees, types and causes of hearing loss and deafness.

As well as bringing awareness to the fact that deaf people are just as intelligent, and capable as hearing individuals. They may communicate differently but do not consider it a disability or a handicap.

WFD encourages organizations to to hold information events that educate such as displays, exhibit booths and public campaigns at Malls community centres and other public places.

Schools can also play a part by encouraging and educating their students on issues facing deaf students.

Maybe hold a few meetings with access to information about the deaf community.

Offering a simple course on basic sign language, and the library could offer a few books on the subject. All this can help the hearing understand the world of the deaf.

With a little consideration, understanding and education we can all make an effort to change the difficulties that the deaf community face on a daily basis.